AHRMS Glimpse


1) Monitoring of the activities/services/stock is one of the important prerequisite for good governance in any department.
2) The task becomes more difficult for remote geographic locations & unavailability of information within time frame.
3) The manual system or compilation of information is the tedious task and takes time and human efforts.
4) To overcome the above mentioned issues a system is being developed & used at Hanumangarh.


1) Animal Husbandry Record Management System(AHRMS) is designed to cater the information needs of different level of users.
2) Keep the record of different activities taken up like Treatment in camps, Vaccination ,Breading activities, Vaccine Stock,FMD Target Based activities.
3) Vaccine Stock receipt maintenance & distribution up to institute level.
4) Target & Achievement made against the activities.


1) Stock Maintinance of vaccine.
2) Target/Achievement based system.
3) Keep track of activities.
4) Dynamic Report selection of Period by user.
5) FMD Weekly Forms.
6) Upload feature.
7) User Friendly.


1) AHRMS is designed to automate the process of preparing and sharing record/information at various levels.
2) All physical progress from state to institute level can be captured & accessed at the press of a key.
3) Very helpful in monitoring the progress of district.
4) user level with different features available to the user.
5) Various MIS Reports.


Nodal Officer Contact

Administrator Contact

Technical Contact

Shri Shailendra Kumar Dhanwaria
Scientific Officer "SB", National Informatics Center (NIC)
Phone No. : 01552-264400
e-mail : shail.kdhanwaria@nic.in